High-Quality uPVC Facia Installations Offered in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Maintenance free uPVC fascia and guttering provided at Rooftop Systems Ltd. At our roofing company, we believe that it is beneficial to replace not ‘over-clad’ the roofline area with quality uPVC. By doing this, you are left with an attractive and durable product. For convenience, you can choose the colour of your uPVC product to compliment the appearance of your property. Plus, our uPVC products are sold with a 10-year guarantee. To purchase your bespoke facia, soffit or guttering, please contact our friendly team in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Facias and Soffits

Using premium quality materials, our proficient team fit your made-to-measure soffits and facias perfectly. Fascias support the bottom row of roof tiles and guttering, so it’s essential that they are strong enough to carry the weight of water that run along your gutters in a downpour, while soffits are fixed under the fascia boards and provide your roof space with ventilation.


The advantages of installing soffits on your property are:

  • Protects Your Home from the Elements
  • Designed to Bridge the Gap Between Sliding and Roof Edge 
  • Tidies the Underside of the Roof Overhang 
  • Made-to-Measure for a Perfect Fit 
  • Zero Maintenance Meaning No More Climbing Up Ladders 
  • 20-Year Guarantee on Materials and Workmanship 
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Discolouration 
  • Colour Options Available with a 10-Year Guarantee


There are many benefits of installing Fascias including:

  • Perfectly Conceal and Protect Ends of Your Roof Rafters 
  • Attractive and Unified Appearance, Leaving No Unsightly Gaps 
  • Special Ventilation System to Protect Roof and Walls from Water 
  • Bird Comb Keeps Birds from Nesting 
  • Strongest, Most Durable Materials with a Solid Board Up to 25mm Thick 
  • Available in a Range of Styles and Colours
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Discoloration on Our White Facia Boards


You can choose from either plain or wood effect finishes in:

  • White 
  • Mahogany
  • Light Oak 
  • Black


Sold with a 10-year guarantee, our uPVC guttering is built to last. Using the finest quality materials, we carefully install guttering on your property. For your peace of mind, we create guttering that is created specifically for your home. The other features of uPVC guttering include:

  • Expertly Designed Offering Protection from the Heaviest of Weather 
  • Rigorously Tested Guttering Making It Watertight to Prevent Leaks
  • Fitted with Wider Gutter Unions to Allow for Thermal Expansion and Contraction 
  • Available in Three Profiles and Three Colours


The purpose of a downpipe is:

  • Safely Channels Rainwater Away from the Foundations of Your Home 
  • Square or Round Downpipes to Suit Your Property 
  • Cast-Iron Effect, Ideal for Traditional Homes 
  • Contemporary Colours, Perfect for Modern Properties

To ensure your property looks visually appealing, we provide uPVC downpipes and guttering in:

  • White 
  • Mahogany 
  • Light Oak 
  • Black


A lifetime guarantee is provided with our white uPVC cladding products that protects them from discolouration.

Gutter Guard

Installing a gutter guard on your property has many advantages including:

  • Prevents Blockages by Stopping Leaves, Moss and Debris 
  • Protects Your Home form the Elements 
  • Allows Water in, But Keeps Debris Out 
  • Slim and Inconspicuous Profile 
  • 20-Year Guarantee


Attaching a strong ornamental bargeboard on your property helps to:

  • Protect and Conceal the Roof Timbers of Your Home 
  • Keeps Your Roof Lining Perfectly Dry 
  • Smooth and Consistent Appearance with No Unsightly Gaps 
  • Solid 25mm Board for Increased Durability 
  • Stainless Steel Pins and Nails to Eradicate Rust 
  • Dry Verge Clips

Dry verge products are a simple, effective way of securely fixing concrete interlocking tiles without the need for mortar. We've searched the market for the very best products and we're proud to bring you a range of individual dry verge units.

To find out more about any of our uPVC products or EPDM roofing systems, please contact our proficient team.

Contact our expert team in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, for more information about our uPVC fascia and guttering products.

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