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Wall coating

RoofTop Systems LTD range of high performance exterior wall coating systems from a number of manufacturers to suit a variety of exterior surfaces and customer’s requirements.

Exterior wall coatings typically have a high resin content which makes them highly weather resistant and hard wearing and give excellent adhesion properties. They also tend to be applied much thicker than traditional paint systems (up to 20 times thicker). These qualities give very long life spans and wall coatings can outlast traditional paint by many times making them an excellent wall covering solution.

Wall coatings are available in a wide range of colours to suit any customer’s requirements and tastes. They are also available in a range of surface textures from smooth (untextured) finishes and fine textured finishes to heavy bark like textures. The use of a texture may not be advantageous on a new, even surface but on older properties which have suffered from scars and imperfections or are in need of surface repairs, a system which incorporates a texture is often a huge benefit and can transform the appearance of a wall. The heavier the texture that is applied, the greater the coatings ability to cover surface repairs, imperfections etc and create a more uniform and attractive surface finish. Texture samples can be viewed if you request a quote.

Most exterior wall coatings systems are microporous which means that although they are extremely weather resistant, they are also water vapour permeable (also known as being breathable). This means they are often specified when the wall of a property is suffering from penetrating damp.

Below are some of the features the exterior wall coating systems we work with can benefit from:

Wall Coating


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